Business Interest Selection

Company Owner or Major Shareholder

Managing companies from the position requires certain, very specific competences which can the most easily be covered by the team in order for the owner to have appropriate support in decision making process on:

  • the corporate governance system
  • selection of the key management
  • determination of the strategic goals
  • compensation packages of the key management

Competences of our partners and associates are structured in a way to ensure owners get support in the most efficient way and in accordance with real needs. Regardless of the business area or the assignment type, our client can be sure to get:

  • appropriate support when needed
  • the effect of services over its costs
  • transfer of knowledge
  • and when applicable, people who would ensure durability of established systems

In addition, our services and our specific approach follow development path of a company and overcoming challenges which companies meet so company owners and their trustees will find those which could be of crucial importance for future business prospect for particular development phase and its specific challenges.

Member of the Board Level Management

It is one of the virtues of top management to recognise challenges which can be overcame in efficient way internally by the organisation or by employing appropriate experts and managers compared to those to be left to people or organization which are specialised for specific type of challenge and meet them regularly and to decide to set appropriate engagement.

Independently of business area of our assignments or our client development phase, key arguments to get attention were:

  • the need for independent expert view on the situation
  • flexibility in the assignment form and therefore significant influence on cost benefit ratio
  • specific competences of our partners and associates from our business network and the transfer of knowledge and the best practices
  • experience in similar situations or on similar projects, and often specific industry knowledge
  • relationship and data confidentiality

In client relationship we take care that client’s employees accept us as temporary and interim part of their teams, and management only as partners not competitors, what is supported by therefore stipulated articles in our business agreements (e.g. prohibition of employment of client employees, prohibition of employment of CPA member at clients) but also soft skills of our partners and associates.

Bank or Other Significant Creditor

Our specialty is also doing business in circumstances related to companies in distress. Whether talking on companies which business in threatened, but is still active is regular legal framework and under control of its owners or about on companies in pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy procedures, we are able to act in creditors’ interest through:

  • Interim executive positions
  • Non-executive positions (supervisory board or non-executive member of the management board)
  • Bankruptcy trustee position

In bankruptcy cases our position in related to the fact that the board of creditors in a bankruptcy case is able to appoint a bankruptcy trustee of their own choice and regardless of initial proposal or decision by a bankruptcy judge and based on the fact that among our partners and associates we have individuals with the bankruptcy trustee licence.

Potential Investor

Whether our potential client is investor who intents to explore M&A options or an investor interested in a green-field investment, our support could be invaluable for the success and involve:

  • Market analyses and selection of potential target
  • Project development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Lobbying and developing strategic partnerships
  • Due diligence set up and support
  • Project finance
  • Transaction structuring advises
  • Interim management
  • Supervision of the execution through non-executive roles


We are very sentimental about entrepreneurs and knowing that every beginning is a challenging, when it is feasible, we readily support start-ups by:

  • Business model evaluation
  • Business plans
  • Finding financing solutions
  • Outsourcing solutions
  • Professional management search

If we can help with our advice or simply by connecting individuals and companies, we will gladly do that.

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