Development Phase Selection

The Beginning – Support in Formation

  • Investment Projects and M&A
    • Involvement in business development
    • Potential target analyses, analyses of synergies
    • Strategic partnership search
    • Equity and debt financing chalanges
  • Start-ups
    • Tailored offer
    • Involvement through financing

Change Management – Support in Transformation

  • Turnaround and restructuring
  • Post-acquisition support and integration programs
  • Cost-cutting programmes
  • Companies in distress and insolvency/bankruptcy management
  • Exit phase for the owner or M&A
  • Outsourcing and insourcing
    • Accounting
    • Human Resources
    • IT
    • Fleet management
    • Office management

Maturity – Support to Excellence and Business Improvements

  • Support in Improving Target Functions of Organisations

    • Strategic planning
    • Finance function improvements
    • HR function improvements
    • IT function improvements
  • The Best Practices – Benchmarking

In agreement with our client we undertake studies regarding the best practices in field of our business interests like strategy and strategic planning, finance, HR, IT, sales and marketing, distribution and logistics.

The best practices studies serve as the base for benchmarking and are conducted so that data and information collected for particular source (client) are kept secret, but allowing involved clients on their own data or with CPA support to compare their own data with aggregated data from studies.

As next possible step, CPA helps its clients to reach desired positions set as compared to results of studies.

  • Total Compensation Measurement

Specialism is also a study on compensations and rewards. It is based on the experience gained in conducting the Total Compensation Measurement study in cooperation with Hewitt t as the most precise study of a kind in the world. This study for conducted for companies in general but also specifically approximately 200 positions. Depending on number and structure of participants in a year, specific industry sector results are possible (financial sector, IT, pharmacy).

  • Support in Specific Managements – Interim Management

Support in Downsizing, Closing or Sale of Businesses

  • Support in Sale of Business and Owner’s Exists
    • Activities at sale side which helps buyers to recognise a real value of the company
    • Sale side activities and/or strategic partnerships
    • Mergers in order to achieve synergic effect and increased value in final exit
  • Support in Outsourcing
    • Evaluation of outsourcing needs and potentials
    • Shortlisting of outsourcing providers
    • Negotiations
    • Supervision of Agreement Execution
  • Support in Downsizing
    • Scenario development and evaluation
    • Execution – Interim management
    • Supervision of execution
  • Support in Closing Businesses, Pre-Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Cases
    • Execution of business closing
    • Interim management for companies in distress
    • Pre-bankruptcy appointments by the Settlement Committee
    • Bankruptcy appointments by bankruptcy courts

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