Our approach

We are focused on supporting company owners and the board level managers. At this level we are getting the appropriate attention and an opportunity to address challenges is the most effective way, but it also requires specific approach. Therefore we have built our own which is characterised by phases, recognised standard needs, ability to change the form fast, our professional network and our values.

Whether we are involved in a small assignment or a big project, we always approach challenges in phases and as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Gaining the trust
  3. Defining the need
  4. Defining possible solutions
  5. Execution
  6. Supervision and exit

We recognised that our clients even in a very specific situation need to act fast. So to support their efforts without loosing the space of tailoring to meet specific needs, we set our matching matrix to present our possible positions:

Who? The main need/challenge The form What we do?
Company owners /Management of principal companies Personal trust Non-executive / trustee involvement We bring the best practice at the boar level decision making process as independent directors or we take a role of owner’s representative for special purposes and defined scope
Company owners / Board level management Value creation Performance related advisory assignments We suggest and implement changes (organisation, processes and technology)
Company owners / Board level management The best practices Functional advisory assignments – finance, HR, IT and sales We define the gap and support clients in reaching the best practices. Please follow the link for detailed list of what we do.
Creditors, PE funds, company owners, public appointments Specific management needs Interim management / turnaround
Insolvency/bankruptcy management
We take over an executive role in specific circumstances, for limited scope and with clear exit strategies
Potential investors / Company owners Specific project assignment M&A, investment support We search for targets or investors, support in preparations for sales, we do or help with due diligence, asses management, offer local support and lobbying


When we establish frim relationship with a client and for the benefit of the client, we are ready to go fast through phases of our assignments and switch the form of cooperation. In interim concept our managers and experts are ready to join the client team dependably on the availability, but in principle on the short notice.

We have a very good overview of service providers which regularly offer their services in a form of outsourcing. When needed or requested by our client, we are able to make the best value-for-money deals with the top legal advisors, auditors, tax advisors, marketing agencies, IT companies, distributors and other service providers.

In addition, as our network is continuously generating information on new opportunities and for the benefit of all sides, we connect businesses and people to use their potential – e.g. connecting sources of finance with those with interesting business opportunities and vice versa. When required in our assignments, we readily involve different stakeholders to support the project or to remove obstacles and speed up external procedures.

And finally, we are proud to work effectively in a way to keep our values intact.

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