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Performance Management

Performance Management is probably the most efficient leadership tool. It is a systematic process with which an organisation mobilizes its employees as individuals and as members of its organisational segment or teams in direction of the productivity increase in the organisation in order to meet its mission and goals, while the performance improvement is a continuous process. Find out more »

Procjena managementa

Trainings & Certification

In partnership with The KPI Institute we offer a wide range of educational programs and certifications designed to facilitate the learner’s understanding of how to improve performance at all organizational levels. Find out more »

Stečaj – prilika ili neprilika

Bankruptcy Case
– An Opportunity or a Trouble?

Usually the fist mentioning of bankruptcy is felt as something negative, as the end of the business life of one company or individuals. Bankruptcy is a rare nuisance from which everybody feel aversion and everybody is feared of. Find out more »

Koncepti upravljanja radnom uspješnošću organizacija

Challenges in Financing
Investment Projects

Your have excellent project, you don’t have enough money and you think it is the greatest challenge to reach financing? In principle, it is never a problem in financing but in other factors important for the project mostly due to the fact the financing sources are very interested to employ their surpluses and they will reasonably consider every investment opportunity. Find out more »


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